About Us

Heather is a noted emo/pop punk enthusiast who attends so many concerts each year that she had custom earplugs made. Ramsey chooses to listen to Wings, They Might Be Giants, and Stephen Sondheim cast recordings. Somehow, they are friends.

"If You’re Listening” is all about one person’s mission to force her friend to listen to all the music he missed in high school. Sometimes it goes well and Heather broadens her friend’s horizons just a little bit. Often times it doesn’t go so well and Ramsey spends the episode wondering why anyone would listen to this music, or in extreme cases, launching empty threats at the band that recorded it.

It's a show that celebrates being passionate about the thing you love, sharing it, and not being too upset if your friend says something stupid like “it’s too loud.”


Heather Hynes

Heather is a project manager/designer living in Brooklyn. She has (accurately) been called "the world's oldest teen," and Vice.com has literally referred to her as a "noted emo enthusiast." She co-runs a line of enamel pins named Professional Mess.


Ramsey Ess

Ramsey Ess is a writer and comedian living in Brooklyn. He is a freelancer for late night television, writer of a weekly column about old TV for Vulture, and occasional illustrator. He is also the writer/star of the webseries "Ramsey Has a Time Machine." He genuinely loves the band Wings.